Prenatal specialists in Gainesville, Florida

North Florida Regional Medical Center's prenatal care program is designed to help expectant parents experience healthy pregnancies and prepare for their new family additions.

We offer parent education classes, from childbirth preparation to breastfeeding courses. Additionally, we provide maternal-fetal medicine services for women experiencing high-risk pregnancies.

For more information about our prenatal services, please call The Women's Center at (352) 333-5300.

Parent education classes

We offer a wide range of parent education classes. These classes are designed to help expectant parents prepare for labor and delivery and the early days of newborn care at home. We offer classes in-person and online.

Our parent education classes include:

Patients may register for classes online or by calling (800) 611-6913.

Lactation consultations

Expectant mothers delivering at The Women's Center have access to a free lactation consultation to prepare for breastfeeding. If you would like to schedule a consultation, call Lactation Services at (352) 333-5315. Lactation consultations are by appointment only.

Free tours of our maternity unit

If you have decided to have your child with us at North Florida Regional Medical Center, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to tour our maternity unit prior to labor and delivery. Our 45-minute tour is available to expectant mothers and one chosen support person.

Register for a maternity unit tour

High-risk pregnancy care

A pregnancy may be considered high-risk for a number of reasons, such as the mother's age or pre-existing medical conditions. If your OB/GYN has identified potential risk factors in your pregnancy, they may refer you to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist.

Maternal-fetal medicine physicians specifically focus on caring for mothers during a high-risk pregnancy. At The Women's Center, we have a maternal-fetal medicine doctor on staff who offers expert care to mothers with certain risk factors and/or concerns about carrying their child to full-term.

Our maternal-fetal medicine services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of conditions that may pose a risk to sustaining a pregnancy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy-related complications that may affect the mother and/or fetus
  • Management of pre-existing medical conditions that may cause complications during pregnancy