Diagnostic imaging center in Gainesville, Florida

At North Florida Regional Medical Center, we are committed to providing every patient with precise diagnostic imaging services in a comfortable setting. Patients are at the center of everything we do, and we do everything we can to ensure their satisfaction.

Our inpatient imaging services are fully accredited by the American College of Radiology. This means that we demonstrate a commitment to patient safety and produce high-quality medical imaging.

To schedule an imaging appointment, please call (888) 894-2108.


Inpatient imaging services

Patients at our hospital have access to an array of diagnostic imaging services, including:

  • Computed tomography (CT)—This imaging procedure takes multiple X-rays from different angles and combines them into a cross-sectional image. CT scanning allows radiologists to see inside a structure without needing to make an incision.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)—This imaging technology uses high-energy magnetic fields instead of radiation. It produce highly detailed images of structures in the body, such as bones, tissues and organs.
  • Mammography—This type of breast imaging uses X-ray technology to examine the breast and detect any abnormalities.
  • Nuclear medicine—This is a subspecialty of imaging that uses small, safe amounts of radioactive material, called radiotracers, to diagnose disease. The radiotracer is absorbed by the area of interest in the body, which allows radiologists to examine internal structures and how they function.
  • Ultrasound—This type of imaging uses the reflections of high-frequency sound waves instead of radiation to produce images of internal structures. Ultrasound is commonly used in prenatal care to evaluate a child's development but can also be used in other areas of medicine, such as heart imaging.
  • X-ray—This traditional form of imaging uses small doses of radiation to create images of internal structures in the body. The image displays different shades of black and white. This differentiates structures, such as tissue and bone.

Patient safety is a top priority, which is why we participate in continuing efforts to reduce the radiation dose needed during CT scans. We use special technology and follow national best practices to ensure we provide the lowest dose of radiation possible, while still obtaining high-quality images.

Vascular and interventional radiology

These minimally invasive procedures use image-guidance to carry out a variety of vascular and interventional treatments. Often, these procedures use small medical instruments, such as catheters, needles and wires. These tools allow interventional radiologists to reach a wide range of areas in the body to treat a variety of diseases.

This type of treatment is commonly used when caring for a patient who has experienced a cerebrovascular accident (stroke). We perform interventional stroke procedures with assistance from our neurointerventional biplane angiography system, which provides 3D views of blood vessels leading to and within the brain.\

Heart screening and imaging

The Heart and Vascular Center uses a variety of specialized imaging procedures to diagnose heart conditions. Our heart imaging services include:

  • Ankle brachial index
  • Arterial ultrasound
  • Cardiac stress testing
  • CT of the coronary arteries
  • Echocardiogram
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Holter monitoring
  • Nuclear stress testing
  • Transesophageal echocardiogram

Our patients also have access to a specialized form of heart imaging: 64-slice volumetric CT (VCT) scanning. This advanced procedure creates images of the heart within five heartbeats and produces a 3D view of the coronary arteries.

Breast imaging

Florida Breast Center offers comprehensive breast screening and imaging services, including mammography and breast MRI, to patients in Gainesville.

Mammography is a critical tool in the early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. If breast cancer is detected, we provide a full-service cancer care program and a dedicated team to guide patients through treatment and into survivorship.

Outpatient services at Invision Imaging Center

Invision Imaging Center is a dedicated outpatient imaging center located on the campus of North Florida Regional Medical Center. Invision Imaging Center is committed to providing superior patient comfort during imaging procedures while ensuring patient safety every step of the way.

The imaging center specializes in CT, MRI and nuclear medicine exams. We use patient-friendly technology, including open MRI machines that help reduce patient anxiety.

To learn more about outpatient imaging, please call Invision Imaging Center at (352) 333-4763.