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Help for Wounds that Won't Heal

physician with patient People with chronic wounds usually do not understand why their wounds will not heal. At Wound Therapy Services of North Florida Regional Medical Center, we have wound specialists that can assist with the diagnosis and treatment of wounds that will lead to wound healing, even for those most difficult to heal wounds. There are many medical reasons why your wound may not heal. The experts at Wound Therapy Services use the latest research to make your healing process shorter and simpler. We specialize in wounds, so if you are embarrassed and unsure of what to do, call us for more information on our confidential, specialized medical treatment.

You can be confident you will receive care from professional, experienced specialists at Wound Therapy Services. The staff and affiliated physicians use the latest innovations and technology for wounds. Specialized physicians and nurses with additional wound care training offer unparalleled professionalism and knowledge in wound therapy and treatment.

What You Need to Know About Wounds

Wound Therapy Services at North Florida Regional Medical Center specializes in healing wounds, including the following:

  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Vascular Wounds
  • Wounds Resulting from Trauma
  • Post-surgical Wounds
  • Dog and Spider Bites

Wounds have trouble healing because of various medical conditions, lack of proper blood flow and oxygen, as well as infections. Wound Therapy Services staff have the skills to assess why your wound will not heal, correct the situation if possible and begin the healing process. In addition to correcting any medical conditions that keep your wound from healing, the staff also can help you adjust your lifestyle to optimize and speed the healing process.

Your Personal Treatment Program

physicians with patient On evaluation of your wound and assessment of the reasons why it may not be healing, a customized plan of care will be developed. Your wound will be properly cared for on an individual basis, looking at the specific wound and its unique problems, location and your medical conditions to develop an individualized plan that best meets your needs. Typically, a simple wound may heal in a matter of weeks, while a more severe wound may take longer.

Your participation in following a treatment regimen for your wound is critical in the healing process. The expert staff at Wound Therapy Services will educate you about the steps you will need to take to aid in wound healing.

More Resources For You Means Faster Healing

Wound Therapy Services is a part of North Florida Regional Medical Center, providing patients with access to more than 400 physicians on staff in 40 different specialties. Wound Therapy Services is conveniently located in the Women’s Center on the North Florida Regional campus.

The staff at Wound Therapy Services has access to services to customize your care. If needed, they work closely with home health and social services to assist in creating a comfortable, healing environment for you.

Wound Therapy Services staff are available to answer any questions concerning your healing and recovery.

You & Your Physician

Remember, regular visits to your primary care physician are important and should continue throughout your treatment with Wound Therapy Services. The staff will report your progress on a regular basis, and your treatment will continue in partnership with your primary care physician.

Most medical insurance plans cover treatment at Wound Therapy Services. We have insurance specialists on site that will obtain authorization if needed. So, relax and know that we at Wound Therapy Services of North Florida Regional Medical Center are here to serve you and heal your wounds.

Wound Therapy Services
North Florida Regional Medical Center

Medical Arts Building, Suite 104
6400 Newberry Road
Gainesville, FL 32605
Phone: (352) 333-5918
Fax: (352) 331-4684

Wound Therapy Services has a team of expert physicians and staff to diagnosis and treat wounds that will lead to wound healing for any type of wound, from dog and spider bites to more complex diabetic ulcers and vascular wounds. The latest research and therapies are used to speed the healing process and return patients to their daily routine.

Wound Therapy Services is located on the first level of the Medical Arts Building in Suite 104.