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Patient Testimonials

Brittany Chastain

Brittany Chastain and baby

My experience at The Women’s Center was 100 percent positive. From check-in all the way to the time we left the hospital, my nurses were wonderful, guiding me through the birth process step by step. I never felt out of the loop as to what was going on, and my family and I were treated with the utmost respect. The facility was so comfortable, homey and clean, and I really appreciated all the ‘little extras’ like flat screen televisions, rocking chairs and jetted tubs! I’m so happy our baby was born at The Women’s Center.

Lynn Shiavone

Lynn Shiavone

As soon as I walked through the doors of The Women’s Center, I knew I would be cared for in the best way. This is my first baby and first experience at this hospital. The pleasant and knowledgeable staff makes me feel confident in my decision with The Women’s Center. They offer a variety of options for new parents, such as their parent education courses. Most of all, the staff takes pride in its appearance by always providing a clean and friendly atmosphere. This hospital has been highly recommended because of their focus on the patients. Private labor and delivery rooms provide the extra attention that I need. I know that I made the right choice and look forward to delivering my baby here.

Ronnie Jo Stringer

Ronnie Jo Stringer and baby

I gave birth about a year ago, and I had an amazing experience. When I first arrived at The Women’s Center to delivery my baby boy, I was in a lot of pain. From that moment on, I was cared for with respect and dignity. Throughout my labor, all of my nurses and my midwife were compassionate. The staff here at The Women’s Center treated me like I was a part of their family by supporting and comforting me. I just know that because of the incredible staff at The Women’s Center, my delivery was a success. Thank you, North Florida Regional Medical Center, for your commitment to babies.