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Robotic surgery at North Florida Regional is a natural progression from what started years earlier when physicians began offering surgical patients a minimally-invasive approach through laparascopic surgery. Physicians in gynecology, urology and general surgery are now part of The Robotics Center where a commitment to minimally-invasive surgery using robotics technology is strong and growing. Gynecologists here established themselves as leaders in the community when they performed the area’s first robotic inpatient hysterectomy, outpatient hysterectomy, single-incision hysterectomy, oophorectomy, myomectomy and pelvic prolapse procedures.

The physicians who have earned credentials to perform robotic surgical procedures say this advanced training was the logical next step in a commitment to make sure patients have access to their best choices for care. The doctors are part of specially-trained teams at North Florida Regional, where registered nurses and surgical technicians have also completed formal robotic on-site training and follow-up guidance with expert preceptors.