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Annette's Story

Annette Selph Annette Selph is a 45-year-old hardware sales woman from Live Oak. For years, her annual examinations were normal and produced nothing to be concerned about. Then one day, her exam produced something to be very concerned about. Her primary care doctor told her that tests found cancerous cells, and she would need surgery to remove the dangerous tissue.

As a single and busy mom of two, Annette knew she would need the least disruptive treatment that would get her back to her life as fast as possible. Her doctor referred her to a Dr. Linda Grover, a gynecologist who performs robotic, minimally-invasive surgeries at North Florida Regional Medical Center. Annette trusted Dr. Grover from the start.

Dr. Linda Grover “She is very personable,” Annette says of Dr. Grover. “She makes you feel like a human, like a friend, not a patient.”

Understandably, Annette was concerned about how the downtime from her surgery would affect her children and her job. She had heard that traditional open surgery for a hysterectomy usually requires patients to spend several days in the hospital, and that is followed by 6 to 8 weeks of recovery time at home. As the caretaker for her children and the family bread winner, she could not afford to miss that much work.

Dr. Grover explained the advantages of robotic surgery to Annette, which include lower blood loss, shorter operative time, less scarring and a tremendous decrease in recovery time. To Annette, selecting robotic, minimally-invasive surgery was a no-brainer.

Dr. Grover performed Annette’s minimally invasive da Vinci® hysterectomy. Annette spent one night in the hospital and returned to work a week after surgery. She was prescribed pain pills, but after her one-night stay in the hospital, her pain had faded so much that she did not need them.

“It was nothing, it just seems like nothing,” Annette said of her post surgery recovery. “I was so scared, but it was nothing to be worried about.”