Our orthopedic team is comprised of the area’s most respected doctors and medical staff, who specialize in all types of orthopedic surgery. Our physicians are joined by a professional team of specially trained nurses, physical therapists, case managers and dietitians to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treating patients. North Florida Regional has a dedicated unit for pre-operative education which includes Ortho Camp, where patients meet with staff for an educational session on their surgery and have the ability to ask questions.

knee and hip graphic The orthopedic surgeons’ spectrum includes diseases of the neck and goes all the way down to the toes. Orthopedic surgeons on staff at NFRMC are highly talented and trained specialists who utilize the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques to improve the quality of life of patients.

Orthopedic surgeons at NFRMC continue to take advantage of advanced technology to raise even further the level of quality for patients having joint replacement surgery. BlueCross and BlueShield of Florida, Inc. (BCBSF) has designated NFRMC as a Blue Distinction Center for both Spine Surgery and Knee and Hip Replacement. The Blue Distinction® designation is a symbol of high value on research and evidence-based health and medical information. Blue Distinction Centers are identified as leading institutions that meet clinically validated quality standards and deliver better overall outcomes in patient care.

Knee Replacement Surgery

For patients having knee replacement surgery, robotic navigation increases precision in device placement for better and long-lasting results. North Florida has the latest technology such as the Stryker MAKO Rio (Robot Arm Assisted Surgery) which is designed to improve the surgical performance and clinical outcome of partial knee and total knee replacement surgery. The robotic software navigation package helps facilitate improved decision making for alignment and orientation of instruments, trials, and implants. Also, North Florida has the Exactech GPS and Stryker Enlite knee navigation systems to provide surgeons a simplified solution, helping make navigated total knee replacements easier procedures to incorporate in the everyday AND environment. Computer assisted surgery may result in possible shorter hospital stays for patients, decreased complications, improved joint stability, and decreased rehabilitation time.

Hip Replacement Surgery

For patients having hip replacement surgery, the Hana Table makes the newer anterior approach possible. It is one of the least invasive surgical options, and many patients undergoing hip replacement surgery are eligible candidates for the anterior hip approach. The procedure requires the Hana Table, an advanced surgical table that makes it possible for surgeons to work in between the muscles, rather than detaching them from the hip or thighbones. This results in minimal tissue disturbance and smaller surgical incisions. There is a significant difference between conventional and anterior hip replacement surgeries. The anterior approach offers an alternative method that allows patients a faster initial recovery time. Orthopedic surgeons using the anterior approach say it increases precise placement of hip replacement devices, and that it translates into better function for patients and surgery that lasts longer. North Florida uses the Stryker MAKO Rio for Total Hip Arthroplasty as well. The robotic assisted surgery option can assist the surgeon to improve precision and performance for their patient's total hip replacement.