Dr. Lennox Archibald’s first visit to The Sleep Disorders Center was in early May 2011. He knew he needed to set up an appointment when he would wake up every morning feeling drowsy even with getting eight hours of sleep during the night. The thing about Dr. Archibald is that he really wasn’t getting sleep; instead, he was suffering from sleep apnea, a disorder which causes you to stop breathing repeatedly during sleep.

As an Epidemiologist at the College of Medicine at UF & Shands, his symptoms, which consisted of drowsiness during the day, yawning all of the time and heavy snoring, led him to believe that he had sleep apnea. He went to his primary doctor who suggested he make an appointment at The Sleep Disorders Center with Dr. Robert Greenberg. After his first visit, Dr. Greenberg confirmed what Dr. Archibald had originally thought – he was suffering from sleep apnea. During their second visit together, Dr. Archibald left with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. He sleeps with this machine now every night, which has completely controlled his sleep apnea.

“It’s like night and day how much better I feel now that I’m using the CPAP machine at night,” said Dr. Archibald.

Dr. Archibald would recommend The Sleep Disorders Center to anyone who feels like they are going to fall asleep throughout the day even after sleeping during the night.

“The setup there is first-class. I’ve seen sleep disorder centers across America and in Europe, but I’ve never seen a facility that looks the way this one does. The rooms within the center are cozy, comfortable and make you feel at home. The staff are very helpful and make you feel relaxed the second you walk in the door.”