Leann Slaughter knew she needed to see a doctor when she would go to sleep at night and then wake up in the morning feeling like she never slept at all. Coming from a family where both her dad and brother have sleep apnea, she had a hunch that she was suffering from it also, but she wanted to be sure.

Leann made an appointment with The Sleep Disorders Center in February 2011 and had her hunch confirmed by Dr. Charles Nardi. She was fitted with a CPAP machine on her next visit, which has made a huge difference in her sleeping.

“Now when I wake up in the morning, it’s like ‘WOW’ I really feel rested,” said Leann.

She said that sometimes she’ll fall asleep without her machine while she’s watching TV at night, and she’ll wake up and feel the same way she used to – not rested. But with the machine, she gets rest and feels it.

The CPAP machine has not only helped Leann sleep, but it has also cured her snoring.

“All of my family has said the machine has made a wonderful difference. They get rest now because I don’t keep them up anymore,” said Leann.

Leann feels blessed to have been a patient at The Sleep Disorders Center. She proclaimed that the staff was wonderful, respectful, courteous and kind.

Leann ended by saying, “Thanks to The Sleep Disorders Center for providing me the means to get help with my sleep apnea.”