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Invision Services

Invision Imaging provides the best imaging technology available including:

  • PET/CT scanner Two state-of-the-art high-field GE 1.5 EXCITE short-bore magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. These are used to visualize bone, soft tissue, muscles and organs and diagnose cancers and other conditions.
  • Hitachi .7 high-field open MRI machine. With this MRI, the patient isn’t surrounded by the traditional tube, reducing claustrophobia. The MRI is used to observe bone, soft tissue, muscles, organs and spinal problems while you relax in our tranquil atmosphere.
  • The region’s only outpatient 3 Tesla Excite MRI. The 3-T MRI is the new gold standard for imaging available to patients today in routine clinical use and is capable of producing higher resolution, clarity and detailed images of the inner structures of your body.
  • GE 16-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner. Taking 16 images at a time using the highest resolution and the fastest imaging times around, this technology helps medical professionals quickly diagnose such conditions as cancer, bone disorders, organ disease, abscess, lung disease and more.
  • GE positron emission tomography (PET)/CT scanner combination. Mainly used to diagnose and stage cancers, this combination is steadily gaining popularity for diagnosing a variety of medical conditions. With this new advanced technology, scanning times are now cut in half.
  • VCT 64 Slice CT Scanner can scan the entire heart within five heartbeats and within seconds produce a 3-D, 360 degree image of the coronary arteries, the place where heart attacks originate.