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VCT 64 Slice CT Scanner

Coronary Arteries

heart scan The VCT 64 Slice CT Scanner can scan the heart within five heartbeats and within seconds produce a 3-D 360 degree image of the coronary arteries.

Coronary CT Angiography is a revoluntionary exam that can provide the earliest possible evidence of coronary artery disease. This noninvasive exam requires no sedation and no hospital stay.

CT Colonography

The 3-D Virtual Colongraphy is a recently developed technique that uses a 64 Dectector CT scanner and virtual reality computer software to view the inside of a colon. The study is performed with a simple one day prep.

The process begins with a high speed CT scan of the abdomen, the patient's colon having been gently inflated with air to improve resolution. Later the CT image is reconstructed using sophisticated software into a digital model of the colon which can be moved, rotated and reviewed as many times as needed by the physician. It also allows the radiologist to view the bowel in a way that stimulates travel down the colon.