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North Florida Regional Medical Center now offers ExactechGPS®

Guided Personalized Surgery technology that provides surgeons with real-time visual guidance and alignment data for patients during total knee surgery.

Guided Personalized Knee Surgery

Have you ever experienced your vehicle when it is out of alignment – your car movement doesn’t feel right and your tires may produce uneven wear, requiring you to need a new set? Joints in the body work in a very similar fashion. When patients require a total knee replacement, proper placement and alignment of the implant is critical to the implant’s overall longevity and function.

ExactechGPS® Guided Personalized Surgery combines surgeon expertise with an advanced computer system, similar to a navigation device in your car, to perform your knee surgery with a goal of advanced accuracy and precision.

Technology Aligning With Surgeon Expertise

When it comes to knee replacement, accurate placement and alignment of the implant components are critical to the overall longevity and function of the implant. Traditionally, surgeons have used pre-operative X-rays, instrumentation and special techniques to plan the surgery and calculate the fit and positioning of the total knee implant. While this has worked well for many years, studies have shown the risk of implant failure increases substantially when the implant is outside of three degrees of alignment. Exactech GPS was developed to assist surgeons meet their goals of precision and accuracy in total joint replacements; it has been shown to be accurate with less than one degree of variability.


ExactechGPS Guided Personalized Surgery:

  • provides your surgeon with a comprehensive view (3-D model) of your unique knee joint and bone structure, which can be difficult to view during traditional knee surgery
  • allows your surgeon to easily make adjustments to ensure accuracy and precision based on your unique anatomy
  • can be combined with less invasive approaches that have been shown to result in less blood loss and faster recovery times
  • combined with the Exactech knee system that has proven design, proven materials and proven performance over time

How It Works

ExactechGPS When Exactech Guided Personalized Surgery is used during joint replacement surgery, the infrared camera and tracker technology work together to monitor the alignment of the joint.

With a few simple trackers placed on the patient’s bone, the system sends data on the patient’s anatomical structure and joint movement to the computer.

The computer analyzes the information is has gathered and displays it on the screen in a graphical format with calculated key measurements.

The images on the screen allow the surgeon to verify where to remove bone and appropriately place the implant.

Learn More

If you are interested in having a total knee replacement surgery using Exactech GPS Guided technology, please contact Consult-a-Nurse® at (800) 611-6913.