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Choosing a Cardiologist

The Heart & Vascular Center

Choosing a cardiologist is one of the most important decision you make with regard to your heart health. The physician who cares for you should be someone who will listen to your problems and concerns, as well as have the experience to help you through difficult times. Because many relationships formed between a patient and their cardiologists are long-term, it is most important to make the right decision and choose the right physician from the very beginning.

First, begin your search while you are healthy. This can ensure that you will make a thorough and unhurried decision. Be sure to go to your friends, co-workers and other health professionals (nurses, pharmacists and other doctors) for their recommendations. Make sure their reasons for choosing a physician match your special needs. The best referrals come from other patients who have been happy with their physician for many years.

cardiac screening It’s also important to check the availability of the physician as well as education, training and credentials. Be sure the physician is accepting new patients and accepts your health insurance plan. Does your insurance plan require a referral to a cardiologist? It is also important to make sure your health plan covers your preferred hospital.

To the right is a directory listing of the cardiologist or surgeon practicing at the Heart and Vascular Center at North Florida Regional Medical Center. We hope this assists you in choosing the physician who is right for your special needs.

For a free physician referral or to schedule an appointment, please call Consult-A-Nurse® at (352) 333-4300.