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Carenotes & Careguides


CareNotes are interfaith resources which offer comfort, support, and encouragement for the times when one experiences the challenge of illness and hospitalization. These booklets are written by a variety of healthcare providers, including chaplains, nurses, social workers, and counselors. They are brief and easily readable in a couple of minutes. Examples of topics include Reduce Your Caregiver Stress, Dealing With the Anxiety of a Hospital Stay, When A Loved One Is in Intensive Care, Caring for Yourself When You’re Caring for Someone Ill, and When Someone You Love Is Suffering. A variety of these resources are available in four locations: the chapel, the main OR and ICU waiting rooms, and the 5th floor oncology unit.


CareGuides are interfaith resources which are written by and for healthcare professionals who provide counsel and comfort to patients and their families. In order to remain skilled and compassionate providers, it is important to prioritize healthy self-care. Examples of topics include Being Alert to the Signs of Compassion Fatigue, When Caring Hurts Too Much – Setting Healthy Boundaries, Honoring Cultural Diversity as You Accompany the Sick and Grieving, Improving a Difficult Work Relationship, and The Power of Listening Well to Someone Ill. For any staff members, physicians, or volunteers interested in availing themselves of one of these resources, please call 4190 or speak to one of our chaplains.

Published by Abbey Press