“This is a great profession! I like being able to work with patients as well as families, and I enjoy having a positive impact on the people I come in contact with. I particularly like this unit because I have a lot of time to spend with families here. I've worked at this hospital for eight years and HCA for 28 years, and I have found the friendliest doctors, nurses and staff here. It's a very nice and easy-going place to work. People are willing to help you learn and grow in your profession. I love being a nurse here - nursing is my cup of tea. - Melody Fox, R.N.; Clinical Coordinator, ICU (pictured right)


“The people here are like an extension of my family. I've been a patient, a family member and a caregiver here for more than five years and everyone here is concerned about each other, which is great. I also like that this is a community hospital where you can get to know your patients. The hospital also has been very flexible with my schedule, which has allowed me to continue working through a difficult personal situation.” - Kathy Brown, R.N., Clinical Coordinator, Fifth Floor (pictured left)

J. Brown

“I've always liked cardiology. I also like the staff, and we work very well together. I just love my manager, and I really enjoy team nursing. The hospital is also convenient to home, which is great. I've worked here about two years, and I like working here because there are a lot of different areas to choose from. The staff is great, too. Everybody is friendly and helpful. I just think it's a great place to work!” - Jacqueline Brown, R.N., 4th Floor, Cardiology, telemetry (pictured right)


“I love taking care of patients, I love being a nurse and I like the autonomy of working in an outpatient type of setting. I've worked at the hospital three years, and I particularly enjoy the variety of patients we care for and the people I work with. I also like the hospital's location. Central Florida offers beautiful weather, a location close to the beaches and many cultural opportunities. The hospital is very patient friendly and is on the cutting edge of technology, which means we offer our patients local expertise.” - Pat Olson, R.N., Interventional Outpatient Unit (pictured left)