After the past few years of multi-million dollar expansion and growth, it might seem logical that North Florida Regional Medical Center would take a breather from growth. But that is not the North Florida way, is it? As always, our plans affect the community we serve and are guided by the Mission, Vision and Values of our organization. Some of what’s planned for growth includes:

Ongoing Modernization of North Tower Patient Rooms – 2017-2018

As of June 2017, we have been in the process of modernizing the North Tower Patient Rooms. We will be removing all fixtures, flooring, wall material and restrooms and showers, and replacing them with new, innovative items, in order to provide patients with the highest level of comfort during their stay.

Addition of Two Freestanding ERs – April and December of 2017

Each new ER represents a $10.5 million project that includes an 11,200-square-foot, one-story facility, that will serve over 12,000 patients a year, features 11 emergency rooms, and employs approximately 35 full-time healthcare professionals at each location. They are equipped to handle a full range of capabilities - from pediatric to adult care. Each location includes a full service lab, a 64-Slice low dose CT Scanner, a trauma room, Ultrasound and Digital Radiographic X-Ray technology, among others.

New Cardiac Cath Lab - 1st Quarter of 2018

In efforts to be as technologically advanced as possible, we are upgrading our current Cardiac Cath Lab and equipping it with the latest available technology. This technology includes enhanced viewing monitors to see even the smallest vessels, while at the same time provide low dose radiation technology.

Expansion of the Emergency Department Entrance – 1st Quarter of 2018

Our current main campus Emergency Room is seldom idle. Its 8 minute average wait time to see a provider has become the staple for which we are highly recognized, and with a desire to keep providing the Gainesville community with quality healthcare, our main campus Emergency Room has seen 70,000 visits in the past year alone. Therefore, we are expanding our ER entrance by accommodating five more private patient rooms, tripling the number of visitor restrooms, and increasing the size of our waiting room, and adding multiple triage, lab and EKG stations.

Parking Garage – 2018

As our volume increases, so does our demand for parking. Our new seven story parking garage is set to start construction in April 2018, will be located across the street from our Cancer Center, and will be able to house up to 900 vehicles.