As our community grows, we continue to grow with it. Here's an update on North Florida Regional Medical Center's (NFRMC) recent completed expansion projects:

In November 2020, NFRMC opened three new units as a result of the completion of their $90 million South Tower Expansion project. The new floors on the South Tower include an 18-bed Medical Intensive Care Unit, a 30-bed Orthopedic Unit and a 30-bed Postpartum Unit. These units include private rooms and innovative technology (Apple TVs, new beds with USB charging capabilities, etc.) to make their patients' stay more comfortable. Another part of this project was also renovating the former postpartum unit to create a new antepartum unit, where expecting mothers with high risk issues can receive care and/or monitoring should they require it during their pregnancy.

Additionally, NFRMC opened their brand new Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in April 2021, expanding the hospital's capabilities to care for sick, premature infants. The new unit has 25 beds and can care for babies of any age or weight who are critically ill and require advanced equipment and services in their care. Previously, some mothers and babies would have to move to another facility to receive a higher level of care depending on the child’s circumstances. Now, NFRMC will be able to maintain continuity of care for patients in their hospital.

The Level III NICU is a newly renovated space, with large rooms that give parents plenty of room to be able to support their baby. The new NICU also has state-of-the-art equipment, including new isolette beds, continuous cardiorespiratory monitoring, new neonatal ventilators for patients needing respiratory support, comprehensive radiology services and breast pumps for each new mom. NFRMC also has cameras for each patient isolette, allowing parents to visit their babies from anywhere, anytime.

With these new additions, NFRMC now has a licensed capacity of 523 beds. As further expansion updates are announced, they will be posted on this webpage. Thank you for your support of NFRMC as we grow with the North Central Florida community.