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Diabetes Education

Have Diabetes Questions? We Have Answers

The Diabetes Center at North Florida Regional Medical Center is nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association in accordance with the national standards for diabetes patient education programs. Classes and consultations are available by physician referral. For further information contact the Diabetes Center.

Diabetes Management Skills

A diabetes educator will define and discuss the disease and what can be done to prevent complications. The class also describes the types, actions, concentrations, storage and administration of insulin and oral agents as well as the importance of home blood glucose monitoring. Several different monitors will be displayed. There will be information given on the benefits and precautions of exercise to further compliment blood sugar control and weight loss.

Meal Planning and Lifestyle Changes

This class is designed to teach how to follow a healthy meal plan while including favorite foods. Using the American Diabetes Association guidelines, the center’s experts will provide a personal meal plan based on the individuals energy and medical needs. Also, the center’s clinicians will discuss how to manage the effects that stress has on eating habits and blood glucose levels.

One-on-One Consultations

A diabetes educator meets with a patient to provide instruction for gestational diabetes, management skills and diet, insulin administration, insulin pumps, hypoglycemia, weight loss and/or specific dietary needs.