About Us


The Volunteer Services Department at NFRMC offers volunteers an opportunity to contribute their time and talents to improve the quality of service to our patients, family members, physicians and staff.  Although our volunteers do not perform medical or nursing duties, they do bring an extra touch of kindness to our patients and visitors.

Each volunteer is evaluated on his or her special skills during the interview process.  Whatever your background, whether you are a retired executive, a retired homemaker, retired military, or a college student interested in a medical career, your talents will be utilized to the fullest.


Volunteer areas include: 

  • Main Information Desk
  • Women’s Center Surgical Services Waiting Room
  • Courtesy Golf Cart
  • Inpatient Surgical Services Waiting Room
  • Outpatient Surgical Services and Endoscopy Waiting Room
  • Clerical Support
  • Women’s Center Information Desk.
  • Nursing Units

Even if you only have four hours to spare each week, volunteering can teach you new job skills or provide you with the strong feeling of self worth that you get from donating your time to helping others. 

For more information call (352) 333-4585.

Application Process - Student Volunteers (18+) and Adults

Thank you for your interest in the Volunteer Program at North Florida Regional Medical Center. To be eligible for our program you must commit to at least 4 hours each week.

Online Volunteer Applications

Complete the following documents, print, sign and date:

    1. Application (PDF - 191 KB)
    2. Skills Checklist (PDF - 61.9 KB)
    3. Pre-Check Disclosure and Release Form (PDF - 66.6 KB)
    4. Read the Handbook   Complete the Handbook Acknowledgement Form (PDF - 57 KB)
    5. Confidentiality and Security Agreement (PDF - 70.1 KB)
    6. Immunization Records: You are required to provide written documentation that you have had a MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine if you were born on or after, January 1, 1957.
    7. Mail the documents to:

Volunteer Services
North Florida Regional Medical Center
P.O. Box 147006
Gainesville, FL 32614

  1. Your application will be reviewed. Incomplete applications will be denied.
  2. NFRMC will take into consideration such things as your availability and current open volunteer positions. Please note that not all applications are accepted.
  3. NFRMC will request a FDLE background check. It takes approximately 3 – 5 business days to receive this report back.
  4. If your background check is clear, you will be notified that your application has been accepted. If you are accepted you will be contacted to schedule an interview.